Men of God… rise up!

September 16, 2013
Joshua Adams
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Men of God… rise up!

Men of God… rise up! Set a standard and don’t compromise. If we truly believe what we say we believe, it’s time to be who we say we are. It’s time to stop “playing church”, it’s time to stop compromising, it’s time to make a commitment. If there be a God and we love Him as we say we do, then what exactly is it that we are doing? Our lives ought to glorify Him, our actions, our words, our jobs, our businesses, our relationships… all ought to bring glory to Him. What have we done, men of God? Where are we? When did sin stop grieving the heart of the man of God? Rise up!

Oh, what if His people prayed? What if His people read His word? What if His people humbled themselves? What if His people set a standard and held to it in unwavering resolve? What if we came together as the Church and loved as Christ would have us love? What if we really truly loved the Lord our God with all our heart, mind and soul? What if we lived that out? What if the world could see Christ through us? What if we stopped caring what people thought and cared what our God thought? What if we would weep over the state of the church and set out to change it?

If the men of God, if we, would rise up… we would see change. Change in the church. Change in our country.

If you “like”… skip clicking the button. Forget that nonsense. Instead, pray. Instead read. Instead love. Instead set a standard. Instead share the gospel. Instead teach. Instead feed His sheep. Instead worship. Instead praise. Instead give. Instead rise up.

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